Did you know that long-term success & satisfaction comes from purpose, not happiness?

Over 700 hours of research has shown that living a life on purpose matters far more than the pursuit of happiness.

Understanding how to live purposefully helps to build resilience, thrive in the face of struggle and form a deeper connection to yourself and those around you.

And in this course, we've designed practical tools to help you do exactly that.

Are you truly ready to:

πŸ’  Let go of excuses & unfulfillment?

πŸ’  Understand YOUR Purpose through the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai?

πŸ’  Explore purpose through your Profession, Passion, Mission and Vocation?

πŸ’  Access live trainings & practical tasks that will allow you to truly solidify what living on purpose means for you?

πŸ’  Experience support from a tight-knit community in a safe, comfortable and secure environment?

πŸ’  Gain transformational guidance from coaches?

In this exclusive 12-week experience, you will receive:

πŸ’  Accountability and support through a community of like-minded individuals.

πŸ’  One Live Coaching session per week from both Lina & Peter (this is not available anywhere else).

πŸ’  Weekly Life Purpose Planning and scheduling of items to take you to the apex of your potential.

πŸ’  Journaling Prompts to train the subconscious mind.

πŸ’  Breathing and mindfulness practice to stabilize your energy.

πŸ’  Yoga and asanas; bringing balance to the physical body.

πŸ’ Ayurvedic practices for overall health.

πŸ’ Meditations to calm the mindΒ 


Week One: Stop. Be. Release



"What you will learn in this community experience will enhance you now and for the rest of your life"

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